What are cookies files?

Cookies are small files stored on your computer. They are sent by a Web server, for example. After visiting some pages. Most often they are used to facilitate and automate the use of your site. The content of cookies does not allow for identification of the user. Cookies files typically contain the name of the website from which you come, the time of storage on the hard drive and a unique number.

The use of cookies files

Cookies files are used to store small user data, allowing you to automatically login, save the contents of the basket in the online shop or preferences or system, and the language of the site. Sometimes they are part of the counters of visits, probes and anonymous statistics, in order to check whether the user of the computer has already been counted by the meter or voted in the poll.

Blocking cookies files

To block cookies files or prevent only certain functions, you change the settings of your web browser.