Polish stand at Hannover Messe fair with music by Mikołaj Stroiński

Mikołaj Stroiński composed music for the Polish stand at one of the biggest fairs in the world. The opening is already on 23 April. The Hanover fair will take place on 23-28 April. The motto of this year’s event is „Integrated Industry – Creating Value”, referring, but not only, to digitalisation of production, launch of new industrial materials, management of energy and effectiveness. Participation was planned of 6,5 thous. exhibitors from 70 countries. They will include the total of 200 Polish firms, of which 11 at the national stand. This year, Poland is enjoying the status of a partner country, whose presentation will take place during the official opening of the fair on the night of 23 April. The Polish stand will be opened on the next day.