Best Score/Soundtrack at the Canadian Game Awards 2022 (Age of Empires 4)

Winner Of Outstanding ORiginal Score For Interactive Media for „Metamorphosis” 2021

Nominee for G.A.N.G. Best Music for an Indie Game Award for „Metamorphosis” 2021

Winner of G.A.N.G. Best Music for an Indie Game Award for „Bee Simulator” 2020

Nominee for 2020 ASCAP Video Game Score of The Year Award for „Metamorphosis”

Winner of Best Game Soundtrack „Thronebreaker:The Witcher Tales” 2019

Zwycięzca MocArt Awards RMF Classic Radio, 2016

2016 ASCAP Composers’ Choice Awards (nominowany)

Zwycięzca Playstation 2015 Best Soundtrack, 2015 Playstation Blog

Zwycięzca Best Video Game Album, 2016

SXSW Gaming Awards, 2016 (nominowany)

Zwycięzca IGN Award, 2016 

Best Audio Award, 2016 GDC Awards (nominowany)

Zwycięzca Best Audio Award at Global Game Awards, 2015

The Game Awards, 2015 (nominowany)

Hollywood Music in Media Awards, 2015 (nominowany)

Zwycięzca Best Audio, 2015, Digital Dragons

Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition, 2015 The 18th Annual DICE Awards (nominowany)

Best Audio Award, 2015 GDC Awards (nominowany)

Best Audio Award, 2015 IGN Awards (nominowany)

Zwycięzca The Best Score-Orchestra/Cinematic, 2014 Annual Game Music Awards 

Zwycięzca Outstanding Contribution-Newcomer, 2014 Annual Game Music Awards

Zwycięzca “Outstanding Pole Abroad” Title, 2014 by “Teraz Polska” foundation

Zwycięzca 8Dio Sample Library Competition, 2014 promoting their products by composing demo pieces, beta-tester

Finalista Transatlantyk Composer of the Year 2013 Competition – honorowe wyróżnienie, ”Transatlantyk”…

Finalista Transatlantyk Composer of the Year 2012 Competition -honorowe wyróżnienie, ”Transatlantyk” international…

Best 3D Commercial for “Real D- Harakters Go To The Movies”-Los Angeles 3 D Film Festival 2012

Nominowany do specjalnej nagrody “Bo wARTo”, 2012 ”MocArt” Awards

Finalista Transatlantyk Composer of the Year 2011, ”Transatlantyk” international music and film festival

Certificate of Honor for Outstanding Achievements in Directed Study (2004): Berklee College of Music

Berklee Achievement Scholarship (2003), Berklee College of Music 

Best Entering Student Talented Scholarship (2001), Berklee College of Music

Magna Cum Laude (2001), Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music